Location: 195 Commons Loop Ste. F

Kalispell, MT 59901  752-0303

For emergency cases:  Call 911

https://www.sottopelletherapy.com/diNOW OFFERING BIO IDENTICAL HORMONE PELLETING


PELLETS, PATCHES and CREAMS all offered as treatment options.

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 Accepting New Patients: (Some Restrictions Apply) Please call to see if you meet criteria.                         

Hours of Operation



Thursday: 8:30-12                              Fri-Sun: Closed

Tele 406-752-0303 / Fax 406-752-0314



In Office Services As Well as Tele-Health Options

Experienced Practitioners

Primary Care for Women

Wellness and Preventive Care

Hormone Balancing via

Creams, Patches and NOW PELLETS.

Pelvic Health

Personalized Treatment

Individualized Care

Chronic Health Management

Cholesterol, Auto-Immune Care

Nutrition Coaching

Lifestyle Counseling

Additional Primary Care

Mens Health and Wellness

Annual Exams

Male Hormone Balancing via PELLETING



Quality and Safety

Up to Date CDC Covid-19 Guidelines

Safety Is Our Primary Concern

Welcome To Our Clinic!

Womens health is our passion, we offer a full range of services for every stage of life from puberty to perimenopause and beyond. We also provide care for spouses. 

Individualized and personalized.

What We Do

Annual Wellness

1 Hour Personized Exams


Menopause Hormone Balance

Individualized Treatment Plans via creams, patches and pellets

Pelvic Health

Incontinance and Vaginal Health

Birth Control

Multiple Options Offered

Weight Loss


Treatment Plans



Nutrition Counseling

Mens Health

Wellnes Exams and Primary Care

Hormone Balancing

Chronic Health

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Management

GI Health

Digestive Healing and Treatment Plans

Auto-Immune Disorders

Functional Medicine Approach

Lab Testing

Full Service Lab Testing


Available on Case by Case Basis

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Medical Specialists

         Andrew Geiger, IT, Web, Mng

Nurse Practioner/Owner

Dena Geiger, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CN



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