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Kalispell, MT 59901  752-0303

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Lisa H.

Dena is the best! She’s been helping me with some ongoing issues and our visits have been so helpful. Each time I see her it’s like a reset and it helps me to better help myself in my daily life. It’s been a blessing! I can’t really put words to it!


Dena, FNP provides me with exceptional and individualized health care. She recommended the Pessary Ring for my stress incontinence. It’s a game changer! I jog and exercise without leaks! She has also helped me alleviate my menopause; symptoms with bio-medical hormones. I feel amazing and like the anti-aging benefits too. In addition, Dena provides immediate attention to treatable illness, accepts insurance, writes prescriptions(not all practitioners can do this) and has an excellent reputation within the functional and integrative medical community.


Dena spent a lot of time with me, listening to my concerns and discussing different options to address them. Her examination was very thorough, and she was great with follow-up after testing. I really appreciated her caring nature and her wealth of knowledge.

Amy Potter

It was such a relief to finally have a practitioner who listened to my story and took the time to really care for me and get to the root of my problem. Our visit lasted an hour and we covered so much! She was so knowledgeable and did tests no one else had thought to do that helped me to finally get better.

Bee Tay

Highly recommend this practitioner. Dena took plenty of time to listen to my issues and seemed to consider my whole body system when recommending treatment. My husband sees her also!

Tony Asa

Dena is the most helpful, conscience and knowledgeable healthcare provider you could hope for. She is resolute in her commitment to your health and a positive outcome. Highly recommended.

Navar Swift

I recently saw Dena for a general health checkup, blood work, ex.I like that she took her time, was thorough, and has a holistic approach. I highly recommend her!!!

Paula Rafferty

Dena is very helpful, so grateful for her natural yet knowledgeable approach to medicine!

Pamela Parsons

Dena is an incredible Health Care Provider (HCP)! Her expertise in nutrition and functional medicine is first rate. If you are looking for a provider that will listen to your needs and concerns, look no further. She takes the time needed to provide 1st rate care!!! Thanks Dena for the way you care!!! You are needed!

Virginia Spradlin

Dena's extensive training in functional medicine is why I chose her, but her passion and care for her patients is why I return. She is the most thorough practitioner I've seen; goes through lab results and options for care in detail and is committed to making sure I understand the plan of care before leaving her office.

S. Bodurtha

I have found Dena Geiger FNP to be easy to talk to about all aspects of physical concerns and have received feedback that is wholistic in nature, both in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.  She is a good listener which is essential for a health practitioner.  She is sensitive and compassionate in her interactions.  She is thorough and informative regarding medical and health advice.  She looks for the root of the physical complaints, focusing on the whole body not just the symptoms. 

Dena is so easy to talk to. She truly cares. I'm grateful to have her caring for my medical needs.

Kimberly W.

Wonderful experience! Very thorough! Love how she didn't rush through appointment. Great advice.

Kathy T.

One of Dena's specialties is Bio-Idendical Hormones. The Bio Identical Hormones help your body in so many ways while we age.  My husband is 16 years younger and I have no problem keeping up with him and sex is great. Dena is right there and makes you feel so comfortable.


In January, I slipped on ice and hit my head that created virtigo or spinning of my head when I get up or down.  For 2 months I was waiting and hoping it would go away.  Finally. by March I went to Dena and said help me, I keep spinning. She knew immediately who to send me to. She arranged an appointment for me to a Physical Therapist that specialzies in head, neck and vertigo issues for the last 30 years. he fixed my vertigo on the 1st visit.  All gone in 30 minutes.  Dena has been a total succes in whatever I need help with. If it is not her field, she has no problem recommending the best in their field.


I went to Dena with the hope of finding some help for problems I was having with peeing too much, for the last 10 years, I tried three doctors with no help in sight. 1st doctor told me to stop drinking so much water. Three years later, 2nd doctor sent me to aUrologist, who scooped my bladded and said I was fine. Three more years, 3rd Dr. offered me a $148.00 month prescription. No help from any of them.  I went to Dena and after me talking and her listening, Dena knew exactly what to do, she sent me up with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. It was awesome, just what I needed.


Dena is absolute blessing to women in the valley. For the past 45 years I have taken a wide assortment of vitamins, minerals and supplements. I was unsure that I really needed all of them. Dena suggested as appointment and we went over all of them and found that I could remove about a quarter of them and have everything I need. For a holistic person like me, she is wonderful.