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Alcohol, the menopausal women’s traitorous friend.

Alcohol, the menopausal women’s traitorous friend

After a great or (stressful) day, you find yourself in the kitchen lovingly (or grudgingly) settle in to cook (or throw together) a meal. A glass of wine or two is just what you need to complete the task.  You are now relaxed and settled into the couch and dose off. Now it is 2am and you are wide awake, up to the toilet 1,2, or three times, ruminating for an hour.  Now it is 6am, and you grudging get up not feeling rested.   Sound familiar??

I hate to say this ladies, but alcohol is not your friend, you are not 20 or even 30 anymore. While up front it is relaxing, supports you getting to sleep, it is also a huge reason why you are not staying asleep, gaining weight, or can’t drop the weight.

Alcohol and blood sugar: it takes 4-6 hours to metabolize alcohol. Alcohol increases blood sugar, once it is metabolized, blood sugar drops, the brain wakes up, notes the tank is empty, thus waking you up-about 1-3 am.; the opportunistic bladder then sends you to the bathroom-full or not.  Poor sleep  stresses adrenals, causes carb cravings during the day-> hello weight gain!

Alcohol and estrogen: Estrogen, whether your ovaries are producing estrogen, or you are being supplemented, alcohol slows the metabolism of estrogen. As estrogen builds up, symptoms of water retention, fibrocystic breasts, low libido, heavy periods, mood swings, insomnia and headaches occur-yuck.  Oh yea-> unable to loose weight

Alcohol and Liver Function: It is difficult to metabolize alcohol and estrogen at the same time. Liver does it’s best work between 1-3 am. Cholesterol is made and metabolized in the liver. Regular alcohol use can increase liver enzymes, and cholesterol levels.

Bottom Line-am I suggesting you become a teetotaler? Not quite, but, proceed with caution- and knowledge. Alcohol is the ‘double agent’. Enjoy a glass when out with friends, or a relaxing cooking session and/or dinner with your partner, save for the weekends.